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Itinerary Planning

Maria’s Ireland Itinerary Planning Services 
"We can help transform your Ireland itinerary from ordinary to an adventure of a lifetime"
Plus personal driver or guide services

I am from Ireland and started travelling around the countryside when I was a young child.
I love to explore new places and I went on to live and visit over 250 cities around the world. 
When I realized what visitors to Ireland where only doing on tours or visiting, it was sad to see so many missing so many great places and sacred sites too.
It was then I wanted to create a unique and memorable experience of my home country.

So in 2012, after years as an event manager, I started hosting
our Registered and Bonded Tours in Ireland, as well as Canada, Hawaii and Greece.
Maria's Irish Tours specializes on Sacred Sites of Ireland Tours
as well as sightseeing Holiday Fun Tours of this magnificent country. 
My passion to help others experience an unforgettable trip to Ireland has only increased over the years,
as have the requests I receive for itinerary advice. 
Especially, as most of our own tours are in Spring and Autumn and
some guests can’t travel at these time so I have been helping them with their travel plans. 

 That is why I'm delighted to now share my local knowledge and extensive travel experience
on a more personal basis with my Ireland itinerary Planning. 
I know that travelling to Ireland can be expensive, so many places to see, so many choices, a different culture
and for some, it really is a once in a lifetime trip.  Once you experience our tours you will keep wanting to come back.

For a small investment,
I can help transform your itinerary from ordinary to extraordinary
 to make sure your dream vacation  exceeds your expectations and that you leave with
 the most amazing memories and experiences.  
This service is designed for independent travellers that already have a basic Ireland travel itinerary
that is at least 40% complete but still has many gaps that need filled.  

 What is 40% Complete?
This is at the stage you already know your dates and how may days.
Where you want to visit or a rough idea or you would like me to make a plan for you?
How many are in your group?  1, 3 or more?
Do you want hostels or hotels?
Do you have any accommodation preferences? Hostels or 3 star or 5 star or other?
What your rough budget (low hostels, medium 3 or 4 star, want some luxury)?
Want to travel by hired car or train or bus?
How many hours a day do you want to travel?
Do you like to listen to live Trad music in the quaint pubs in the evenings?
Are you interested in visiting sacred sites such as Hill of Tara, Abbeys, Glendalough or stone circles? 

I'll check if your itinerary is realistic and will provide my own suggestions
to help maximize your time and budget based on your interests and abilities. 
I can also include suggestions for accommodation, day tours, sightseeing recommendations and details.
Basically I will fill in any gaps in your schedule to ensure that your itinerary is complete
and runs as smoothly as possible and my personal tips about hidden gems and ways to save money.

As an independent traveller myself, I know how stressful and time-consuming it is
to carry out detailed research on an unfamiliar country when there are so many resources out there.   
As an Irish native, Tour guide and Tour director,  I have gained an invaluable wealth of knowledge
 along with frequently planning trips and travelling all across the country. 
I also have no agenda or receive any rewards for any recommendation I suggest for your personal plan. 


If I feel you just need one or two simple changes and your about 95% planned out already there is no charge.
If I look at your itinerary and I feel I could be of great service to you, then we would move forward.  
For a consultation of itinerary the cost is €100 euros.  
Payment can be made through PayPal
Contact Maria O'Farrell Carr


The Romans never came to Ireland so our roads where built around a stream or fairy tree or a forest.
They were built narrow for the pony and carts. Now-a-days we have a mix of fast moving motorways,
narrow roads and lots of people crossing the road, never mind we drive on the left. 
If you're from a country where you typically drive on the right side, like the United States or Canada,
 this can be confusing. Most car hires are manual. To find an automatic car will come with a higher fee.
Do you have a small group, a family, a honeymoon, anniversary, work colleges, a spiritual group or a group of friends?
We can provide an Irish driver who is also one of our guides so they are a wealth of knowledge and assist with booking a car or bus.

You have your itinerary planned out and you are comfortable to drive but
you would like to hire your own personal guide to assist you around Ireland.
You might be interested in our Holiday Fun Tour Guide or our Spiritual Tour guide and Healer.


We offer small group Tour in the Spring and Autumn.
We also offer Custom tour with your personal driver and Irish Guide Maria
Minimum is 14 to 30+ passengers.
Please check out our upcoming Tours website page or contact us for custom tour.


Please visit out Testimonials page

Hello Maria, It must feel good to have another very successful tour completed.
I don’t know if I really conveyed before how appreciative we are for the great organizational job you did with the tour. 

Dearest Maria, Thank you so much for an experience of a lifetime, your guidance, knowledge, wisdom and kindness.

Contact Maria O'Farrell Carr

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