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TV Interview with Maria
 Is Ireland Calling You?  

 Grange Lois Stone Circle 

 Three Life Times
A Beautiful Irish Love Song about past lives,
 ancient places in Ireland and the magic of a Love Story. 
Written by Ireland's Colm Jackson and Maria O'Farrell Carr. 
Music and sang by Colm Jackson.
 Ring of Kerry 
by our Tour Guest Sydney Dursse 
  Inisfallen Island Video
 by our Tour Guest Sydney Dursse 
Irish Tours Video

Maria's Irish Tours on L.A. Talk Radio

Dalkey Island, Ireland - Video 
taken from Dillion's Island of the beautiful Dalkey Island
 with a Martello town, a fort and wishing well. 
Dillion's Park and Dalkey was the location for the wonderful
 Irish movie ' The Da' with Martin Sheen. This is the town 
my Mum and Dad both grew p in and where some of my 
family lives reside in to-day


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